Who are we?

Leaders in Sustainable Sourcing and Supply

We are a team of professionals with deep expertise of the biofuels markets. We are specialized in waste-derived renewable energy source, used either to generate electricity, or as a blend for gasoline and diesel.

We commit to provide market-based environmental solutions to our clients, allowing them to accomplish their climate action.

Through our broad market network, we help our clients worldwide by offering full-service, tailor-made solutions and sharing our extensive expertise through consulting services.

Operating within the Renewable Energy Directive framework, we are able to assist our partners to implement a fully audited system for product sustainability and traceability, fully aligned with the ever-changing European biofuels legislation and decreasing exposure to evolving markets through hedging techniques and sustainable trading expertise.

Why us?

We are committed to assist in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible working environment, and have obtained ISCC certification as well as Nabisy registration.

Sourcing and distributing responsibly of biofuels, waste feedstocks, and feedgrade products to the oleochemical, energy, and feed sectors.

  • Demonstrating deforestation-free practices and biodiversity preservation efforts.

  • Encouraging lower Greenhouse Gas emissions for a cleaner planet.

  • Fully traceable supply chain for all bio-based products.




    Used Cooking Oil methyl Ester

  • TME

    Tallow Methyl Ester


    Palm Oil Mill Effluent Methyl Ester

  • RME

    Rapeseed Methyl Ester

  • PME

    Palm Methyl Ester

  • SME

    Soy Methyl Ester

  • FAME Blends

    from Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

  • HVO

    Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil


  • FAME Bottoms

    Distillation Residues

  • Glycerol


  • POME

    Palm Oil Mill Effluent

  • Animal Fats

    e.g Tallow

  • PME

    Palm Methyl Ester

  • UCO

    Used Cooking Oil